Am I Human Yet? ! ? ! ? !

Daddy I've been screaming, but you just wont wake
I need for you to hear me, but I dunno how long that will take
You can say words and words but somehow you can't hear me
LOOK AT ME please dont hit him, oh god can't you see
Brother is scared and now I'm scared too
We're broken people but we know what to do
We'll talk and talk but your the great pretender
You fool them, everyone, but you can't hurt us further

Get me this, get me that,
Your just a kid, a damn dormat,
I'll hit you if I want to your not human, dont care what the laws say

Dad I've wished you dead a thousand times
You have made a thousand more crimes
Don't play with my head
It'd be okay if you were dead
but no I think you should be here to watch your daughter walk away
And all the things that she couldn't ever get the courage to say,
A few words she says that you'll forget
...DADDY AM I HUMAN YET? ! ? ! ? !

If I bled to death maybe you'd change
But no I can see you'd be the same
I'm not the one with the problems its you
Dad...Black and red....Light and dark.... how could you? ?

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i freaking loved it! ! <3omg that was good