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Am I Insane?
VG (5-5-1950 / meerut, india)

Am I Insane?

Poem By vijay gupta

Am I insane?
They were eating, drinking and dancing on the floor.
Unfortunately I was there.
A newspaper having horrible news was in my hand.
“Some hungry men snatched the lunch of some formers.”
It was very sad news for total human society.
People on the floor were happy and in cheer.
They have no botheration by this news at that time.
Were they ignorant?
Were they innocent?
There was sufficient delicious food on every table.
Wine, meat was in affluent.
I try to pick up some eatable items.
At that moment the faces of hungry men comes in my eyes.
They were demanding bread from me.
I put on my hand from eatable items.
Again I try to pick up a glass full of water.
At that moment some faces of formers comes in my eyes and asking me water for their fields.
Tears came in my eyes.
I was hardly able to stop them.
Next moment I came out from the dinning hall.
Now question arises that
Why hungry men were demanding bread from me.
Why thirsty men were coming in my memories.
Such people were not disturbing to the people who were dancing at the floor.
Am I insane?

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Comments (8)

This is a question of one's sensitivity and sensibility. One person is affected by the news of farmers snatching food from people while it doesn't bother others. You have nicely portrayed the paradox. Thanks.
Undoubtedly, you are not insane but a man of great wisdom and character
This is thoughtful.... Great write... Good one there
Only a person with a big heart and an even bigger mind could write such lovely poetry! ! Not only does it dip into a well of emotion but texturally its its unique! ! Thanks for writing this!
Ours this hypocritical society always feels sane...and anybody really sane inside is led to feel himself insane at times as we see in this write...an eye opener piece...10