(11-21-61 / Ripley, Tennessee)

(am I Insane?)

I watched you walk to, and fro,
I watched you play in rain, and snow.
I saw you in the early dawn,
I climbed the steps you stepped upon.
Our parents were the best of friends,
but all good things must come to end.
Heed not sorrow in your soul,
for only I can ever go,
up to the light, and bring you peace,
rush to the dark where pain can never cease.
Yes I dare to laugh in your face,
leave me you peasant you're out of place.
Return upon your little shelf,
your a weak, pathetic little elf.
No I'm not a God, nor do I dare to be,
have you any reason for fearing me?
Do not look at me with glaring eyes,
why do you seem so surprised?
If I could sleep just close my eyes,
for I'm no where as very wise.
I do not hear the call of the wild,
and no I don't have the heart of a child.
Some say I'm violent I like to fight,
ha! I say you are quite right.
Step aside you worm of a man,
I have no use for you in my plan.
Smile when you say my name,
should I feel in some way insane.
But alas this is just a bluff,
I'm tired of such tedious stuff.
Good by my love, me amour,
sleep in death forever more.

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