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Am I Mistaken A Rant
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Am I Mistaken A Rant

When shopping at the superstore
I find each time I must pay more
For food than what I used to do
And other prices increase too.

It makes rather curious
and not a little furious
Whichever store to which I’ve gone
The prices rise in unison.

I suspect conspiracy
They all agree it seems to me
To a co-ordinated plan
Simply because they think they can

Increase the profits which they make.
It’s not a case of give and take.
I can produce no evidence
I rely on my common sense

Perhaps I’m growing paranoid.
Why does the government avoid
Examining the evidence
Because they know it would incense.

The fat cats who they daren’t offend
So they keep quiet and pretend
The do not have the power to
Do as they’re supposed to do.

Protect the public not their friends
But obviously it all depends
To whom they owe their loyalty.
Not to public obviously

Until there’s an election due
That is the time they promise to
Investigate the reasons why
Food prices have become so high

You can believe if you so choose
But as for me I will refuse
To waste my time by listening to
What they are promising to do.

They promise much deliver less
That’s why this country’s in a mess.
We cannot trust the government.
That much at least is evident

The fat cats just ignore the rules.
They see the government as fools
Who have strength but not the will
One single promise to fulfil.

Of course the government deny
This is the truth and they reply.
As usual with platitudes
There is no change of attitude.

The rich grow richer every day.
We have no choice we have to pay.
The prices they demand for food
Maybe I have misunderstood.

And politicians never lie.
And that truth is that they try
To protect us from the greedy few.
Who can tell them what to do.

Governments of both left and right
Have not the strength of will to fight
The power of the money men
Who ever lives at number ten.

Friday,23 September 2011
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Rudyard Kipling


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This is fabulous poetry