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Am I Prejudiced?
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Am I Prejudiced?

I am a slave to poetry.

I do not wish to be set free
a willing prisoner happily.

Constrained by strict parameters.
Which form the rules for formal verse,
to discipline I’m not averse.

Though modernists all claim to be
Poets. I find I can’t agree.
Their work has small appeal for me.
I can’t commit to memory

One single piece of free form verse.
In my opinion even worse
they are deliberately perverse.

Delighting in obscurity
contemptuous of clarity.

Yet still they claim it’s poetry.


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p.s. well, what IS your answer to the title/question? :) bri
i got a laugh out of: One single piece of free form verse. In my opinion even worse...Thanks. to MyPoemList! bri ;)
My friend you are not alone in your observation. However, I do believe that the essence of poetry may be held in as little as the single word. My preference, though, is that metrical sound of music! Brilliantly expressed.
Didn't Frost say something about 'playing tennis with a net'? Prejudice in the name of excellence is no vice. Tolerance in the name of perversity is no virtue. Excellent, classical poetry here.
Is it necessary to rhyme All of the time? Take a look and see At my definition of poetry. Look at my recent post There you'll sse me boast: 'No Mandatory Rhymes Or Reason'
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