Am I Ready

Poem By raesheka antwine

Am i ready for the world
Am i ready to be on my own
to be in the big place that god had made with many of people
many of friends, many of enamys, many of hate
the world is full of such wonder
such pain, such passion
to me i dont understand because
i was locked in a small place of my mothers home
now that i am older
i dont want to leave the nest
the open arms of my mother
kept me warm over the years
holding and helping me in life
when i cryed her arms where there to hold me

am i ready to pay my own bills
make my own money
pay my own way in life

some time i wonder am i good enough
for this world that i live in
Am i ready for the world
is the world ready for me
will i be great and a succes in life
i dont want to be left behind

well i guess its time to find my own way
follow my own heart
live my own dreams im scared
yes i am
but though i walk with my head held
high and my back going straight

somthing in my mind telling me i wont make it
i want to prove people wrong
i am me
i am the best
i am


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