MAG (1995-2-21 / riyadh)

Am I The One?

We are friends since century
In the same country
He looks at me
strange feeling i have
why is that?
In love with him could i be?
he smiles
I am deeply in love, he said
the girl he is talking about
what she have that i don't got?
smile i fake
teardrops i don't want him to see
so funny he can be
Did he have to choose her
instead of me?
He is the song that is in my head
He is the wish when i see a wishing star
Taking care of him she must do
Making him happy she can do
Am i the one
nor could i be the one?

by michelle al G

Comments (1)

Am i the one? love experience is a mystery always. u express it very welll in ur questions and in the expression of your feelings. very good..