Am I Yet?

Poem By Kennedy Mawirah

Am walking, just following my steps,
To my doom? Am not yet sure,
Step by step, my foot work just a movement,
A slow rather not sure movement,
And am wondering, Am I yet?

The world so far away, trying to make a way,
Life a big gamble, a battle field without pay,
All a win win situation, no loser is here to stay,
Yet i move, let my feet carry me away,
Am i there? Am I yet.?

Amazing how small things make a big impression,
How simple words can make a big difference,
How a simple smile makes a dull day bright,
I want to be part of it, so here i move,
Am coming, but Am I yet?

Am I yet when all this pain surrounds innocence?
Am I yet when terror is my daily rhythm?
Am i really yet there?
Will I make it there? Am I yet? ?

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