(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)

Am Mirror

what will become of us
the rush to press on
to belong there to be
we worried so much
fretted and feared
fraught with perils
we designed ourselves

whats is to become of us
if we take no leaps
no strides
and hold back
from giving in
and don't touch
our love within

letting go is easy
falling for ourselves
falling for each other
we're in love
all of us
the volume of u is me
and the volume of me is u

don't be too surprised
we kissed before
in another life
another body
we kissed before
and we were not shy

what comes of us
is what came to us
what we will to be
is what willed us to be
so we pass the impasse
by recognition
all we want is
to love
and be loved
and be love

I am brother
I am father
I am sister
I am mother
I am friend
I am middle
and both ends


Look again
in mirrors
for the surface
reflecting beauty
is we.

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