# # Am Not Just A Drop [in Top 500]

born from a spring
from mother earth's womb

an adventurous child hood and teen
in a waterfall
in that whole lot a few drops will
perish or stagnate

a romantic trip in its youth
as a stream or river
a murmur of joy all the way
a few drops join in from
a different origin rain
in spite of different origins
a perfect blend of water the river becomes

the flowing river seems to ask me
' oh wise man can you say which dropp in me
came from rain...and
which from drain'

'you..your origins you uphold
we our origins we withhold
you..your origins you fight for
we our origins we surrender '

though damned in silence for a while...and
made use of by human
once into the sea..all these drops of water
sing the lord song of waves in unison

got to talk to a dropp of water.....
'who are you...where are you from'...i ask
'me...well i am all...am not just a drop'
the dropp swung back at me....the tiny sun in it
seemed to me like an eye
'see...don't you see you in me
see..don't you see the sun as my eye
that's me i am all...not just a dropp as you see'

by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Comments (128)

Beautiful and spontaneous poem........
This poem has a beautiful flow in wording and meaning like a river and a waterfall....and what a superb ending SL....wonderful- 10++++
great piece.. I like this..
a lovely piece of philosophy put together....
I feel at times you fall into cliches and the music of the poem falls and then rises out of nowhere which was definitely unintentional. When I look beyond those things, I think it is pretty good poem and thanks for checking out my poetry.
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