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Mountains erupt from the Mediterranean
Pastel buildings cascade down their side
Architecture and the sea acts as prisms
Creating a: kissed by the sun- spectrum of delight;
A handful of villages will be your backdrop
Upon your journey of the Amalfi coast
You will travel the fabled serpentine Amalfi road
Ah, Italia...You are such a wonderful host! ;
Pastel coloured towns-invite you
As they cling to the craggy cliffs most divine
Vertical landscapes are fit for a King
The sandy coves-and brightly coloured villages-sublime;
'Tis home to Ulysses' mythical sirens
The Amalfi coast-calls to you
From the past times ancient ruins
Or cruising the Isle of Capri's waters of blue;
Oh, so many incredible places and food-
Ravello and Positano are but a few
Exquisite to all of ones senses-
Italia, oh Italia-'tis calling you! ;

By, Theodora Onken

February 4,2012

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