*amar Singh, A Political Middleman*

Poem By Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A political middleman,
Other's weakness is his greatest strength,
Trusts only himself
And likes to be trusted,
A political commission agent,
Helps others bail out of their problems,
On hefty commission,
He is adept in the art of making wrong
A perfect right,
He is loquacious, And people take delight in this habit,
First he saves himself,
And then growls at others,
A perfect baldy and short man,
But ranks himself among film stars,
He is favourite to the star of the millenium,
Who is extremely cautious about his image,
But I am sorry to make out
In what way he(Mr. Bachchan) will be able to save his image
In the company of a middleman,
He(the middleman) has hitherto been able to save himself,
For he has readymade traps(CD's) for others,
He has an art of black mailing others,
He black mails others with the help of the court,
Neither court has a least feeling of being utilized
Nor the victim has a single hint of being black mailed,
And thus he serves his purpose,
What a man he is!

Comments about *amar Singh, A Political Middleman*

Blunt and frank write..and ofcourse timely....a fine 10
Amar Sing Dhanya huye he is a scum which feeds on his own, a parasite living on reflected glory...kudos to you for writing this, hey publish it in scribd, if you have an account

2,5 out of 5
27 total ratings

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