I Never Thought About It

I never thought about it
You could talk about it
I know, I can't stand it
Yet here I am reading:

I did not see the point
You can give me a hint
I don't know what it meant
Yet here I seek the meaning:

Should I try to be one?
Or just learn from someone?
The essence on the tip of a gun,
If it is just another state of mind.

Now I think about it
We could talk about it
I know, I can stand it
Yet still I seek the meaning:

Should I try to be one?

by Enriquito Lucero Jr.

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Comments (7)

Beyond the forest! ! Thanks for sharing.
A master poet with words of wisdom!
grown old. Man, she's dead! A cute little poem, but weak.
To my opinion rather concised, but true touching and with a melancholic tone. Congratulations to the family of this classic poet. He is the late Edwin Arlington Robinson. Such a glee I got to read this poem, Poetry is mankind's most loyal friend and most precious treasure, I reckon. Thank you immensely for sharing. With the best regards, Sylvia Frances Chan (BTW I am a Dutch Poetess)
Such a great poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson....
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