Amateur Philosophy

Said the Priest to the Devil,
“Why don’t you believe in my God? ”
“My friend, ” Said the Devil,
Leaning back on his chair,
“Of course I believe in your God,
He’s just got his priorities
In the wrong order.”
“How so? ” Said the Priest.
“I worked for him for years,
I did my best and
What did I get?
To be foot-scrubber
To a being so foolish he
Couldn’t live on his own.
Only He could create
Creatures so idiotic
That they praise all their
Sinners as saints!
Then He gives them the afterlife,
The choice to make mistakes
And be forgiven still! ”
The Priest thought for a moment,
And said:
“You wish to be forgiven
For your sins? ”
The Devil laughed,
“My friend, I’m
Having too much fun.
If it wasn’t for me
Then humans would have
No temptation, no wars,
No guns, no whores,
Humans be perfect
If not for me! ”
“Maybe it was His purpose for you…”
“Don’t make me laugh,
It was a mistake and
He just likes the results.
Come on. The time is getting on,
We must be going.”

The wind howled around the world,
The Darkness crept in slowly,
Unnoticed. And far away,
Four horses neighed.
The time had almost come.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

Comments (3)

If nothing else an interesting piece of dialogue. I enjoyed the ending and it creates a vivid picture of the conversation and its context. However, questioning your philosophy not your poem, even if something is a mistake does that render its purpose as useless or is there a need for a necessary evil?
Ok i cant say that i am entirely sure on what this meant.. But it has great transitions... ok lets face it im lost all i understood was the conversation but the last part kinda got to me.... Would you be able to explain it.. Melissa
Interesting dialogue... excellent ending with a great visual. Brian