The Red Balloon............

Tying my shoes when the clock striked six
out I moved for a pleasant evening walk
for the past few years, the one who accompany me
was none other than my pretty walking stick
all the way I keep murmuring myself
God make this eve a joy filled one
and for the childrens in the park
I even liked to be a funny clown

Stepping in the park, I felt sad in my heart
for I am the only one, without a pair in the park
asusual sitting under a tree, I glared at the kids
and my eyes started to search for that sweet little girl
the one whom I admire and adore
for she has the name and smile of my wife
who is now no more

There she stood with a red balloon in her hand
which made her look as the prettiest angel in this land
sharing her a smile, I waved my hands
in a childish voice she asked me to join her play
whenever she passes the balloon to my hand
I feel the form of this little girl
my everloving wife still stands

Seeing her eyes I was lost in the dream
soon I heard she started shouting with a scream
jolted, my mind came back to this world
then I realized the mistake I have done
since lost in dream, I missed to hold the balloon
and it started to flew near a thorny bush soon

Before I could reach the tiny twine
the balloon pressed on the thorns and got burst
with a sign of guilt, I turned to look at the kid
there she stood with tears looking straight in my eyes
and something said am going to miss her again in my life
without saying a word she ran out the park
and there I stood alone again in the dark

Tying my shoes when the clock striked six
out I move for a pleasant evening walk
now each day I stop by a shop, to buy a red new balloon
with a little hope atleast today, I should give it to her
its been a year, still I didn't saw the kid again
but I go every day, in search for her to the same park
with heartful of tears and pain.....................

by Sebastine Humaemo

Comments (3)

Great Poem David, Love how it's written. It is very unique. Take care.
Wonderfully written, the ending is great... standing, blinking, oh yeah.....
It's true- you can't really see the whole picture till someone puts it into perspective. Good show :)