GVL (March 29,1963 / Boston, Mass)

Amaze Me

Sometimes you amaze me
You with your quiet strength
wisdom, insights
You inspire and excite me
Draw me into your world
so different, so new
Open my eyes, renew my faith
in myself
in you
in love and honesty and trust
tenderness inciting passion
Elemental yet elusive to me
before you
before us
Never thought my soul could hold so much
that my mind could wrap so tightly around an ideal
The spark, the flame, the muse of my heart
my here and now
Sublime pleasure has freed me
once caged, now soaring
A ray of light, a song on the breeze

by Gainor Ventresco Laney

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Bravo, we should all be in love, I think Paul McCartney would like this poem.