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Your capability to think indirectly amazes me,
the ability to twist things around amazes me,
how you go on cribbing about the world being unfair to you amazes me,
my incapability to comprehend you at times amazes me,
how everyone is a wannabe to you amazes me,
your self obsession amazes me,
your notion of being the best amazes me,
your two sided nature amazes me,
times i feel that you are better than the rest but your proficiency in letting me down amazes me,
how you manipulate without being labeled as an opportunist amazes me,
how you make me pick up the pen and write this stuff amazes me,
the way you fool me with your straight talk amazes me,
way you make me think hard amazes me,
how you make me realize my faults and learn nothing amazes me,
way you make me feel useless and sick inside amazes me,
the fact that i can't ignore you amazes me,
my honesty amazes me,
my naivety amazes me,
my inability to become like you amazes me,
why i don't call this a complexity amazes me,
but people such as you don't seem to amaze the world,
as world's nothing but a place for manipulative people and that amazes me.

by rinki nandy

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A perplexed, complexed write. A good description of some of lifes mannerisms. Much truth here! ; D
Amazes me….is amazing…human traits [highs and especially lows] are indeed baffling flummoxing…such traits are dip-stick test for any individual to discover one’s locus of focus…and accordingly design and programme for a favorable metamorphosis....not retrograde but anterograde…. thanks sharing Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
Quite amazing that you aRE amazed.10 plus pls.
Excellently written poem my friend thanks for sharing with me Melissia Ann
Wow how greatly you put together this poem amazes me lol. Great write I love the sarcasm thanks for sharin and remember. Spread Yourself! ! ! !
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