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Amazed For Friend Thad
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Amazed For Friend Thad

I wandered in an ancient maze.
Close clipped hedges on either side
and as I walked its narrow ways.
I had no choice but to decide.

To choose the left or choose the right.
Which turning that I ought to take.
The dense Yew hedges curbed my sight.
I was confused, make no mistake.

The maze became a metaphor
for all the problems I must face.
Each is a case of either or.
I ponder as I slowly pace

along the tree lined corridors.
I feel my tensions disappear
and clearly see my future course.
The quietness I have found here.

Was truly worth the entrance fee.
My hour of silent solitude
has left my mind now trouble free.
Completely changed my attitude.

I will no longer strive to show
I am the leader of the pack l
The maze has taught me take it slow
before I earn a heart attack.


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Lovely poem Ivor! A - maz - ing ! ! Here at AP, your still show that your the Leader of the pack - and that's a very well know fact... Best regards! *10*! ! Friend Thad