GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

Amazing Lord

Amazing Lord how you built us
For what you intended us to do
To help us explore this world you made
And make our way on through
The blessing of a family
The joys with one another
The bonding together of moms and dads
And of sisters and of brothers...amazing Lord!

And life with all its ups and downs
Like a roller coaster ride
We're carried along with a wave of emotions
Some somber and some on the fun side
But we are never prepared emotionally
For that enemy called death
And sins captivating destructive power
Until our dying breath...amazing Lord!

Amazing Lord You came Yourself
To rescue us from our plight
You took old sin and the darkness of it
And Resurrectionly made it take flight
And guaranteed a forever forever
In the land that is fairer than day
And made our hope steadfast and endearing
Our Triumph! Our Victor! Our Stay! ...amazing Lord!

So carry on in faith we do
For Your plans are so much higher
Our to wait and watch and pray
And keep You as our Chiefest Desire
For Your shoulder's are strong enough
To lean on in our sorrow
For we know Who holds today...yesterday and tomorrow...amazing Lord!

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Gary James Smith

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Lord created this universe and Lord beautifully built us with values and dignity. A great poem is nicely penned and this is excellent poem ever written in praise of God. A nice sharing is done really.10