AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

Sonnet: Political Greatness

Nor happiness, nor majesty, nor fame,
Nor peace, nor strength, nor skill in arms or arts,
Shepherd those herds whom tyranny makes tame;
Verse echoes not one beating of their hearts,
History is but the shadow of their shame,
Art veils her glass, or from the pageant starts
As to oblivion their blind millions fleet,
Staining that Heaven with obscene imagery
Of their own likeness. What are numbers knit
By force or custom? Man who man would be,
Must rule the empire of himself; in it
Must be supreme, establishing his throne
On vanquished will, quelling the anarchy
Of hopes and fears, being himself alone.

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The countless hugs, The immeasurable love. You are an amazing person, Every life you touched just as amazing. i miss ur hug......... you are looking from heaven. lovely poem on love......mum and dad and all whom we love...... is nt it a great gift from God.. thank you very much. tony
Very nice, Amanda... a beautiful tribute!
Amanda - Sometimes the right person arrives in our lives when we need them. They give us what we need then move on. Treasure what she gave you. I had a nanny that did the same thing for me, 'Another Kind of Love'. Blessings - Cheryl
To lose one's mother or someone as special as a mother is a very heart wrenching thing. This poem reflects the love you had for Lolly, it sounds like she was a very caring and loving person and she left that with you but she also took some of that love with her when she closed the door of earth behind her. How wonderfully blessed you are to have had such a special person in your life. The good thing is that you can sure that someday when your turn comes to walk that final road, you will meet up again in paradise and continue on with that loving relationship. Until then pay close attention to the whispers, her spirit is still with you and she watches you. God Bless you and comfort you all the days of your life Amanda.-Melvina-
Thank you very much :) This poem I wrote during my 14 day challenge I did, I decided to start Feb.1st to Valentine's Day... and Lolly passed the 11th, so that is what I wrote. I am glad you like it!
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