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Amazing To The Spring
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Amazing To The Spring

Poem By Jan Houston

Amazing to the Spring
one night
a great sky giant
drew a ring
around around
the fulling moon of earth
to rim a vast black
starless clearing
centered by the fat
white waxing moon

And as the misty ring glowed
huger than god's halo
some watched and gaped
slack-jawed in awe
and claimed they saw
a hovering mothership,
while some feared rain
for forty days & forty nights
and others swore
they saw a single beacon
beckoning from Atlantis
captured in the center
of an ocean vortex
swirling still-framed
o’er a turvy topsy world…
all the usual speculations

The giant was amused
so the next night
he did it again
only bigger

And it was on that second nite
enamored by the wondrous sight
I let you take me flying
just like Superman and Lois
weightless sailing
over jewel-toned cities
soaring far beyond
the moon-ring watchers
past the waxing moon itself
flying free
to no place
in the stillness
between stars
where we loved each other
wide-eyed marveling
at every nothing
passing by us shining
in the lightless silence

Did you hear
my fleshless whisper
let this last forever?
pleading won't you take me
with you please again
again tonite?
to fly here
with the giants
in the real world?

Copyright@2002,2005 Jan Houston
All Rights Reserved

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