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Amazingly Amazing

A great surprise God has kept
Behind this creation as we feel,
His creation is very impressive
We feel very well watching stars,
Looking at sky we feel happiness,
Sleeping well too feel relaxed,
Sleep is another wonder of creation,
All creatures when sleep they dream,
They dream and this is mysterious
But this dream is also very amazing.

This creation is a beauteous bride,
She is always waiting for eternal groom,
In space a procession is going on,
Every star or planet has own tune,
Sweetness of each star's singing
Space has recorded in electrical impulse,
We hear in silence the silent call,
Deep perception gives us realization!
Extremely this gives perception of joy
Hung stars and plants in space
All smile motivating each other,
An infinite approval is approved
Eternal beauty is certified in love,
We feel wonder in every breath of living.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,03 February 2019. All rights reserved.

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Comments (2)

This poem not only praises God but also gives feelings of amazing effect of creation. Thank you sir for sharing this.
Simply splendid, Kumarmani...10+++