(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Welcome Vicissitude

In spite of big bribes given to me,
I understand this is just temporary.
Mindfulness! it brightens my brain.
Dare to welcome any gain.

In spite of being destroyed in soil,
I can stand with stars in my eyes.
Mindfulness! it's my secret suit.
Dare to welcome any lose.

In spite of pukka popularity,
I understand this won't be eternally.
Mindfulness! it directs not to be vain.
Dare to welcome any fame.

In spite of lowest position,
I can stand with brave actions.
Mindfulness! it shows how to maintain.
Dare to welcome any defame.

In spite of speaking in honor of me,
I understand I shouldn't respond conceitedly.
Mindfulness! it's the best way to face.
Dare to welcome any praise.

In spite of gossip to me,
I can stand without depravity.
Mindfulness! it's trump card for my aim.
Dare to welcome any blame.

In spite of typical tycoon,
I understand all will dissolve soon.
Mindfulness! it's my fortune-calculator.
Dare to welcome any pleasure.

In spite of abysmal poverty,
I can stand with honesty.
Mindfulness! it guides me to tame.
Dare to welcome any pain.

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