Amber Marie (Originally From A Poem By Edgar Allan Poe)

Poem By TOM Altenhofen

It wasn't all too long ago
In southern Tennessee
That a young man had a girl he loved
And her name was Amber Marie.

This beauty she lived in North Carolina
And was deeply loved by he.
He was alone and she was alone
In the lonely old country.

But he loved with a love that was purest love.
He loved his Amber Marie.
It was love that made all other love seem
Like shallow fantasy.

This was the young man's joy
In southern Tennessee
But a cancer came upon the girl,
His beautiful Amber Marie.

It left her weak and voiceless
And was eating away at he.
It kept her from his homeland
In southern Tennesee.

The angels (if there be a heaven)
Were distant as always would be
And that's just the reason (as you may know)
The young man was lonely.

The space then grew between the two.
Cancer was killing his Amber Marie.
Still his love was stronger than any love
Of the friends that spoke with he,

And many much older than he.
The angels in heaven and demons below
And friends that were close to he,
Could ever dissever his heart from the heart

Of his beautiful Amber Marie.
For the sun never shines without bringing to mind
The beautiful Amber Marie.
The lake never dries and wet too are his eyes

Cuz' he misses his Amber Marie.
So all the night long as his life goes all wrong
His baby, sweet baby, his joy and his song
Was left back there in Tennessee,
In the wonder of old Tennessee.

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