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Ambiguous War Of Terror

they have it in for us
do they not? - but why?
they have a heart
searing itself of hate - and die?
evil pain that our would-be
slayers use to fuel wild fire
burning for a single purpose - a lie
that is fullfilled by us
the Americans who dare
lead the world, our new world
raptured in a cataclysm of hypocrisy

by Trunami ...

Comments (5)

Its great just as you have written it........regards.....willow
Concise and powerful. Could you think of another word instead of 'raptured', so as to make the poem have a greater impact?
wow i love this poem well i have a few about soldiers but not many u should look them up some time and see if u like them well ttyl
Dear Trunami, So invariably true. I wrote a five page poem immediately after the 9/11 tragedy but considered it too politically charged so have never allowed anyone else to look upon it; perhaps that may change as I seem to be seeing more and more of these. Gregory
To the point. Questioning indeed. Neat piece.