RAL ( / Tallahassee, FL, USA)

Ambition And Heart

Our fall vacation we took across the great wide pond
Hotels there stood among mountains touched by magic wands
The lobby inside was beautiful with chandeliers galore
The folks were very formal and kind as they met us at the door
Our first night's sleep was interrupted by a very unique sound
I went to check and was surprised at what I really found
A tiny little gray mouse sitting on the window sill
Eating snack crackers and being very still
We only exchanged quick glances then parted company
Not looking back, just scampering to where we both should be
The next day as we walked enjoying the countryside
I could not help but think about the tiny mouse's eyes
For you see, I frightened him as much as he frightened me
My mind began to wonder about his home high on the eighth floor
Then I remembered something I learned many years before
Like the little mouse we all can climb, you know
As high as our ambition and heart will let us go

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