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Ambrosia's Wine

Ambrosia 's Wine

dark the night as a licorice kiss
while loves flame is the light
covered by moist welcome lips
whisper candied covered endearments

dance the dance of love entangled
interwoven souls sweet ambrosia
a testament to true treasures
fake artificial replicas fade

I love you so easily said
while deception mimics the golden egg
fragile the heart fooled by vice
as diamond drops fall on cheeks

how cold and frigid is a player
who handles feelings without abandon
alive they seem with lack of a heart
to manipulate and destroy

greedy for self indulgence
intoxicated by vain reflection
to steal and destroy a vulnerable soul

'For true love is patient not pushy and awaits a gift from the heart '

by Myrtle Thomas

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Ahhh...To taste the sweet grapes of true love....lingers long upon the lips. PEACE