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KL (unknown / the womb)


Our meeting was no accident
A God sent plan to complement man.
How, oh how can I ever repay (YOU)

For this great thing YOU'VE done
what is it about me that make YOU
So concerned about my well-being?

That YOU can create just for me...
YOUR woman...
And share her with man...

Why, am I that lost and lonely?
WE (YOU and me) would talk for hours
I never knew I was lost or lonely.

Never knew
Had no clue...

At times when I sit and talk with woman
She puts me in the mind of YOU
Her kindness...

Her greatness...
Her warmth to my skin.
You know she lays her hands on me

Sometime and like YOU, I get this whole body warmth...
Like a flash of heat running all over me...
Sometimes she will walk into a room...

Just for an instance it is like... HEAVEN?
YOU have said that YOU would never leave me?

Is woman that promise?
If so, I would like to apologize
For not seeing and recognizing...

YOUR place in my life,
YOUR respect is long over due.
YOUR woman, I know now

Is a precious, precious gift from YOU to me?

So YOU are always with me...


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Comments (2)

She was wonderfully, fearfully made. Exquisite in form. A strong Amen to this poem! ; D
Deep and touchine...keep them coming..