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Poem By AHO Speaks

The evil seed to grow until you pull it out by its roots to dry
Then burn it as an offering and cast it into the sky.

Those who have oppressed shall be oppressed
They who have schemed and plotted shall be decieved.

Those who took the lives of a sister or brother
Will never see, nor feel; their earthly Mother.

Those who inflicted pain, cruelty and agony
Will rue the day this life they did see.

Those who hurt a child for their own reason
Will not renew and their roots to burn after one season.

Those who lie, cheat and steal
To take from another; this life for them, will not be real.

If the children are not loved and protected in a nest
Those who brought them in will lose the rest.

Be kind, considerate and be fair
To everyone you meet and show you care.

There is only one universal God, Creator as a singular one
God is God is God; Creator is Creator is Creator; for everyone.

Harm not one child of God but let them grow
Answer to the Creator, if you would not have it so.

When on the day of your last day on earth to leave
Judgment to be a reward, or a time, to grieve.

10-14-05 Aho Speaks

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