Amends To Nature

I have loved colours, and not flowers;
Their motion, not the swallows wings;
And wasted more than half my hours
Without the comradeship of things.

by Arthur Symons Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

Beautiful flow, amazing rhyme.
Nice rhyme of a poem about nature+++++++++++++
The structure of this poem empowered it- -starting with an opposing thought was smart.
How is it now that I can see? To move from a life of hustling through each hour of life, oblivious to the miracle of nature around us, to a life in which that which surrounds us enriches each moment of living. Truly, this is an art to be practiced. Beautiful poem.
A wonderful poem on what is going on around us as we wake up to face the world. Liked it.
beautifully written poem about the world around us.
A part of me. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
What a wonderful poem, glad I happened upon this!