Poem By Paige Nielsen

We're stuck in a quagmire of broken wishes and crushed dreams.
Despite all metamorphosis, or maybe because of, nothing's as it seems.
The standoffish are afraid of showing dishabille.
The entropy accelerates, and we're all too numb to feel.
We're unanimously asinine and unable to comply.
Disquietude smothers us and at night I scream out 'why? '
It's all ceased to be pensive, and our thoughts are repeated.
It's causing exsanguination in me; audience, please be seated.
It's the grand ole heart attack season, sit back and watch.
Our penchant for what's bad for us is impossible to botch.
The pyromania's buried deep within, no more primitive urges.
We're proud of our kleptocracy and constant power surges!
We've got moxie in shopping, and in football we've got zest!
When it comes to Machiavellian intentions, we're the best of the best!
We've got modern-day de Sades and Brutuses, to boot!
Our narcissistic tendencies make us awful cute.
We're comprised of mindless followers and faux-messianic leaders.
We succumb to most temptations, but we're steadily gettin' meaner
to atone for the fact.
Yes, our smiles are an act.
We couldn't care less about our neighbors, friends, colleagues at work.
Actually, we're all freakish, recusant jerks!

Comments about America

Wow, I love this poem. You capture the state of America perfectly. The natural rhythm and end line rhyme rises up like Moby Dick out of the water and slaps you like your girlfriend when you call her fat-it makes you pay attention because the natural rhetoric flows almost perfectly. This is far more sophisticated in terms of diction, but one will look up the extremely technical language to locate the meaning of this truthful message. Don't get me wrong, the verbiage that you use ties in perfectly, but who, in all seriousness, has ever heard the words-'dishabille' 'entropy' 'exsanguination' 'recusant'? Besides us of course. Just kidding, Paige. But I'm completely serious when I tell you that this is one of the greatest poems I have ever read.
oh my gosh! ! i remember this! ! i loved it! ! you're so funny paige-a-roo! ! i really think you'll make a great writer, if you really wanted to be one. way to go! !
Advanced use of vocabulary! Nicely used and your tone and attitude makes one stop to think for themselves. It is thought provoking.
I remember you reading this poem outloud. The tone in this poem seems to change in the beginning. Bouncey, different rhythm. You have such a rich and powerful use of vocabulary. I feel this poem makes me think about what you are saying. You make some good points, I just hope eveyone grasps what you are saying. 'It's all ceased to be pensive, and our thoughts are repeated. It's causing exsanguination in me; audience, please be seated. It's the grand ole heart attack season, sit back and watch.'

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