Poem By Olivia Taylor

America the beautiful,
America the great,
America suits us all,
America I cannot hate

America we've come so far,
America the free,
If we wish upon a star,
Then that wish shall be

Comments about America

hey sal carter America were we have more freedom than any where else. where people dream to live it must really suck.
True if you got money, but such is so in every land.
Olivia, I love your poem very much. And to the lady who made the comments about us shooting our gun, that's what makes America great. We can do whatever the hell we want here and I love it! ! ! ! ! ! USA! USA! USA!
o dear. i love america! how original. how stupid. u love the most rascist, homophobic, sexist country on the globe? go shoot ur gun.
How ironic, or was that clever sarcasm, to use a catch phrase from Walt Disney corporation in a poem which so utterly drips of dry and dull praise for the worlds most corporate controlled country.

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