As You Told Me

Got on my mind something to think,
The pains,
Or the worries,
The frustrations of the moments,
It's you who told me that,
Yes, you told me,
But I didn't give a damn,
What you said to me one day,
Do you remembe?

The pains that I'm going through,
The pains in me,
As you happened to tell me,
One time,
That love would cost me,
And torture me,
Do you remember?

What is the meaning,
Of what we call love?
Someone to tell me.
Because the love that I feel inside,
For you,
Is something I can't deny,
I can't help, oh yes, I can't,
Love me babe and take my hand,
Don't let me suffer.

As you told me.

by Fadhy Mtanga

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