JLC (1967 / Galesburg, Illinois)

America, America

I am a strong nation
I wield power
to the right
to the left and back
to the right
I give rights
My sons stand tall
carry responsibility
on vast muscles
my daughters
stand proud
carry responsibility
on vast power
that glides effortlessly
through sight
and spins on subtly
my children fight
a single soul
battling for each star
protecting each stripe
waving their flags
above manicured bodies
smiling because smiles
are what get them
through hard times
I feed the forgotten
on my own blood
I am a strong nation

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Comments (2)

The wielding of power, manicured bodies and feeding on the nation's blood (that of our children) is intended to make this poem sarcastic, not a a flag waving tribute.
Yes it is a strong nation agreed, but for how long, the way things are going it look like the end is near.