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America First An Anthem Of Hate
LM (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

America First An Anthem Of Hate

America first is the phrase that a group of people love to regurgitate. But America first is not a theme of patriotism it is an anthem hate. Hate anyone who believes in freedom of choice. Hate anyone who protests against the hate you voice. Hate anyone who supports #metoo because sexual harassment of women is what you all do. America first only if you skin tone is white. America first is the calling card of the Alt right. America first if you are for the right to bear arms. Then you scream mental health crisis when someone white does a mass shooting and kills children with his gun. America first when you give the white rich tax cuts while kicking the poor, disabled and elderly in the gut. Now there is my view on this phrase that Trump likes to reverberate America First is an anthem of hate.

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