America, I Love You

America, I love you, you are the greatest nation.
I love each and every city, every train in every station.
I love it when you hold me tight
And let me know everything’s alright.
I love it how loud freedom rings,
How you broke away from tyrant kings,
The way you laugh at the littlest things,
The warmth to my heart your presence brings.
I love your soft, sweet democracy,
That millions of foreigners flock to see.
Like when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock to be
Forever in your arms, the rightful place for me.
Remember the Constitution? George, Thomas, Ben and that whole gang?
And that time Burr shut Hamilton up with a bang?
Do you recall when slavery tensions seemed to build from year to year?
And that time we stayed up all night whispering softly from ear to ear?
America, I love you, you truly are so great.
I love each and every cornfield, in each and every state.
I love you America, oh so very much,
Whenever I’m abroad, I long for your touch.
America, I love you, in oh so many ways.
I could write this poem forever, or at least a couple days.
Remember the time you were torn in two, the Union broke apart?
But now you are all together, always deep within my heart.
Remember when we became independent from Great Britain?
And last winter the snowball fight we had in our wool hats and mittens?
And when your businesses grew so large, the industrial revolution?
And that time that Scopes guy tried to teach his kids evolution?
And oh, the great and awesome wars we’ve fought throughout your history.
Although to some, your military aspirations are a mystery.
America, I love you, even through the growing price of gas.
Remember storming the beach of Normandy? We sure did have a blast.
America, I love you, I love gazing at your face.
Whenever I’m not near you, I long for your embrace.
America, you’re awesome. By far my favorite place.
Hey remember when Jackson ignored that Supreme Court case?
Remember chatting on the phone from 9 PM ‘till 2?
I love this country from Flint, Michigan to St. Lou.
I love when we walk down the beach, hand in hand just me and you.
I love you from Cape Cod to the San Diego Zoo.
You know how much I used to love it when you got imperialistic.
And those stars and stripes make my mind go ballistic.
I know it’s a sore subject, but that time you were so depressed?
FDR came to the rescue, we were all very impressed.
I love you America, with all of my heart.
I’ve loved you so deeply, to the end from the start.
I loved you before the settlers first arrived.
Loved you madly back then, though I was not alive.
Loved you a thousand years before I was born.
I love it when you treat commies with scorn.
I love when I get lost for days within your eyes.
I even liked when you gave women the same voting rights as guys.
America, you’re special, I just love you, USA
I love all your awesome presidents from Franklin Pierce to LBJ.
I’d travel ten lifetimes for your gentle caress.
It would shatter my heart to see you in distress.
I love you America, I love saying your name.
My love for you burns like an eternal flame.
You are the greatest country for men women girls and boys.
I love everything about you, from Santa Fe to Illinoise.
From the farm fields of Des Moines, to the heart of New York City,
You’re a gorgeous melting pot, with people so diverse and pretty.
I love you America, with your stripes and your stars.
I loved when you made other peoples’ land ours.
I remember when you thwarted fascists in World War II.
Your beauty is the reason Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Your diplomacy and glory are alive in my soul.
To be with you always is my ultimate goal.
America, you’re super, the world’s greatest power.
The tallest building within you is called the Sears Tower.
I love your Rocky Mountains; love your valleys so smooth.
I love to watch you on the dance floor. I love the way you move.
You’re so caring and intelligent, like the system of Lend-Lease
So attractively responsible, with the role of World’s Police.
I hated when the British took your sailors for their crew.
But I love it when you cook for me out on the barbeque.
Though it failed, I liked the secret invasion in the Bay of Pigs.
I love all your industries, from Pittsburgh steel, to Texas oil rigs.
America, you’re perfect, I just love to hear your voice.
It’s no wonder why 300 million people make you their choice.
Remember all the great American technological innovations?
Like the cotton gin, airplane, internet, and other such sensations?
Remember when American soldiers captured Saddam Hussein?
Or the time we went walking and splashing out in the rain?
You are the greatest nation that the world has ever seen.
You’re a beacon of truth and hope, an international dream.
And how about today, a lovely picnic you and I?
I’d like to take you on a balloon; we could play in the sky.
Remember when women stayed in their domestic sphere?
And when all types of people started immigrating here?
And the crazy names of groups like know-nothings and scalawag?
When I’m eighteen I’ll want a big tattoo of your flag
America, you’re where I’ll want my kids to grow.
I love and admire you, and just thought you should know.
I love you so, America, because I have half a brain,
From your television cables to your waves of amber grain.
I love you so America, and it feels so right to me
America, I love you, from sea to shining sea.

by Les Wordsmore

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