America Is A Tattered Flag

Words to live by as an American,
At one time their was hope with dreams.

Today Americans have no hope or dreams
Their usually are shattered by taxes,
Medical bills, children the cost to cloth them
And feed them even entertain them.

Gas prices sky rocketed to please the businesses,
But hurts the people pockets at the end.
Homes today are at a down fall,
because they sky rocketed where no
One wants them so now the owns
Take the loss and the buyer wins.

In this country today to get
Healthcare, Sentimental Social Security,
Social Security, Welfare, Housing,
Food stamps or other stuff in the government
You must not be white, and be black, Latino,
Or off the boat from anther country.

Our President wants you to live in shacks
or on the street where your not seen or heard.
He and the other Politian’s give them self’s
Raises every year plus bonuses even
Get Social Security and pension.

They give businesses tax breaks,
And give other countries money
With out a thought in mind.
To feed them, to cloth them,
Healthcare for them.

While our country
Needs help in education,
Healthcare, Social Security,
Housing, feed the homeless
And the poor even the
Middle class they are struggling.

While the rich getting richer
The middle class is
Shrinking to poor,
While the poor is
Getting poorer and
living on the streets.

See why our American flag is tattered.

Our President for businesses
And other countries.
He only thinks of war
And who to have war with next.

Our President only after oil.
Other minerals and materials,
He should be forced out of office.

He is our dumbest and ignorant
President we ever had.
I say someone not I
Should commit treason
On the President.

(July 21,2007)

by Lori Triggs

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