A Porn Star

I was sleeping in the womb of a seed,
No lust, no desire, no feed, no greed,
I never knew what's going on outside,
A turnout as beauty, dreaming inside,
I never knew what I shall have to face,
Hot sun, hard soil, for a mortal glace,
Never knew the glittering worldly gains,
Are charms of few days that end in pains.
I never knew it was better for me,
Breathing as an embryo and not to be,
Colors and aroma, and a beauty so soft,
Innocence and peace in a rural croft,
What a life we see in the rural greenery,
Colorful, aromatic and amazing scenery.
Unaware of the costs, shall bear for it,
For an urban flower show totally misfit,
Clouds when rained on the thirsty soil,
I found myself in a terror of turmoil,
I then decided to come out of the seed,
Hell with impulsive and instinctive greed!
I now regret my greed and my fears,
Unaware the adventure will end in tears,
Greed to flourish as a colorful flower,
I exposed myself in an acidic shower,
Fears to die unnoticed and not praised,
Turned me in a fish cruelly braised,
Forced to stripe and remove my sepals,
I lost innocence of my so soft petals,
Sins have damaged my lovely petals,
Colors now faded and petals are dry,
But somewhere in the distant sky,
Couldn't become Hollywood celebrity,
A popular porn star is now my identity,
But I see a bottle of my real essence,
My inner voice, and its effervescence,
Still innocent as a bud when I think,
No doubt I'm ugly but rainbows I ink,
The dead country girl is alive in verses,
Her poems on herself, painful curses!
Pen is my heart innocence is the ink,
The bleeding pen has made it pink,
Paper of life though shrink and torn,
But my poems are at all not porn.
These are the poems of a country maid,
Yes, innocent naughtiness is overlaid,
In Saturday nights planning admissions,
Not committed a sin but false confessions,
For words of father, 'May God bless! '
Today I say, have nothing to confess!
Listen to the bells of a countryside church,
For my innocence it is still in search,
Dear bells ask world to forget my face,
My poems are truly my immortal grace!

by Akhtar Jawad

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