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America- My Prejudices And Truths

I guess it's always been a truth to me
That America has a failure destiny
Beyond that idea I could not see
But for these thoughts we'll pay a fee
If we don't act on reality now
Than in front of less democratic forces we'll bow
For to every fascism state of today
America's the greatest enemy, they say
that without Bush they'd rule the world
And replacing one conservative superpower
with another, well that won't create a better world
And instead the heroin will spread as flour
and weapons will become our everyday life
I don't care for Allah or Jesus, I won't be another oppressed wife
I believe in human values and rights
And we'll never reach that through murders and fights
I am not saying we should all take America's lead
But if we work toghether, there are more mouths we can feed.

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I like this. There is alot of truth in what you are saying, and its refreshing to see something that takes a stark look at reality. America is guilty of crimes just like any other country, but the alternatives would be much worse. It's great to see analytical thought in poetry. I'm new to this, but if you get a chance, check out my stuff.