America's Heartland

What can a person say
about the tragedy of that day.
The bomb went bang-and blew away life.
Turned peace and tranquility into shock, grief, anger, and strife.
Babies bodies dangling in arms of medics so strong.
What has happened is so wrong.
Injuries of many bring trembling and fears.
Among the by-standers, increasing fears.
A terrorist act, a beginning of horror
life of war-an open sore.
Of this we can be sure,
Other occurrences of this magnitude we will incur
because men of bitter hearts and mind,
closed from compassion and love of any kind,
devise with intent, to destroy, to kill
Their hatred to fulfill.
Many set God aside in so many matters.
Now hearts broken, hanging in tatters
So many families destroyed that day,
That day-that America's Heartland was blown away.

by Darlene Mae Tucker

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