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America’s Independence
CMW Connie Marcum Wong (May 3,1946 / Manhattan, Kansas)

America’s Independence

Today I celebrate the love that our Pilgrims were greeted with
by the indigenous kind people of this land that we named “Indians”.
Without their knowledge, wisdom and help, our ancestors would
have never made it through the harsh “New England” winters.
They worked hand in hand to teach them how to grow the staples
that would sustain them through the cold. Our first Americans shared
with the Pilgrims herbal remedies for illness and injury, and leather
goods made from the buffalo hides for their protective clothing.
Without their help in those first lean years our ancestors would not
have survived to live in a land of freedom. It is really sad to know
that this land’s Native Americans do not share in this wonderful
freedom that makes our nation so great. They deserve our honor.

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This is a very good write. The Native Americans plays a very important in this country. They are a part of our American heritage just like we are a part theirs. We all have work together to make this nation what it is today. An inspiring write.