America's Nightmare

They say speech is free but them words ain't cheap
Wiki is cool but don't let em leak
Don't be fooled but don't say a peep
You better get schooled I have much to teach
A breach of trust is what they reap
They preach of love then yell impeach

But it's not because the POTUS is us
The lies they spew reap disgust
From their point of view everything is just
Not justice but legal so must we discuss
These folks is evil enough is enough

They kill in uniform they kill in sheets
They spin in media and troll in tweets
They're never convicted and get off Scott free
Yet we're the bad guys and we should leave
From a land that was filled with teepees
Not their country tis of thee

And they do now as they have done then
Murder in churches and continue to sin
Murder in streets and continue to win
When will it stop this madness must end

But if I write about it some how I'm wrong
If I post about it my time is done
If I vent about it then it's called hate
If I inform about it then leave the states
Yet the cases I read make me irate
I rate a 10 on the scale frustrate
And after some time it will dissipate
May they reach their destination at Hell's gate

Do I seem mad to you
Don't misconstrue
I'm in pain not insane
To sit and stew

The ism is a deadly brew that must be freed
What this century needs is a Marshal Bass Reeves
To handle the villains who take lives like thieves
And destroy these ism seeds that sprout like trees
That are used to lynch my people's dreams

by Broaden Rawd

Comments (3)

There's so much evil and wickedness in the world, we as poets will do our part to end it.... Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed
Bravo! I enjoyed this, class! Well constructed and stitched together in a manner that allows no leak! Certainly, like you in frustrate scale, this has my 10. Please you are welcomed to read my work, thanks.
America's nightmare is also the nightmare of the entire world. I don't know what the solution is, but it doesn't include violence or more hate. I liked the flow of your poem, Broaden. Thanks for sharing. Peace