America's Plight

Beware American's of the threat at hand,
The terrorist plot to destroy our land.
It is not the fear of the Al Qaeda or Taliban,
But those radical forces that are part of the evil plan.

Do not permit apathy to govern our way,
It will be a national tragedy that will lead us astray.
Remember the symbolic words uttered on the mall,
'United we stand, Divided we fall.'

Rise and stand tall to America's urgent call,
From every hamlet, town, and city - large or small.
Please - no hesitation - your services are needed,
From all walks of life - the urgency must be heeded.

The cost of combating terrorism will be extremely high,
It is not just today - but everyday or years without a sigh.
Protecting our way of life is not free - a sacrifice must be made,
With blood, sweat, and tears as strategy are laid.

Obstacles will be encountered on the terrorist trail,
Still, our resolve will be strong and we will prevail.
God gives us the strength to withstand the nation's pain,
We pray that our efforts against terrorism will not be in vain.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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Somewhat stereotypical of post-911 fervor. Go for nuance.