America The Land Of The Free

see the point horizon
of the East,
touching the rainbow of prosperity,
for all the way long dream
to hold the bridge that never
fall into the stream
of turmoil, the profane passion
of the land of the free,
now wish to cool the
warming land connecting the core
landscaping of friendship

push out not to the limit of blooming
flower, where the singing bird
pride the gentle leaves,
as it wave the color stripe of
mantle in the honor flying
stars in the sky

keep it high, for no one ever had
capture the aim that human
conqueror ceases to touch the banner
of freedom of what the
American people believed

oh! come the distained haven of hope
and nurture the infant bravery
of every vision that mankind wish the
quest to find, settle the glory of
Liberty; a loving wish of inspiration the
dream of every one’s heart

fly on the stars of courage and
conquer the fulfilling destiny of Freedom
Dear America

by Antonio Liao

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