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America The Melting Pot Land
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America The Melting Pot Land

Poem By Binta Bundu

Their fruits proud and confident with their knowledge of modern technology but,
historically sleeping. For some call America "The Heaven on Earth." This simply means, "As there are many
different ways of dying to go to heaven and so there are many different ways of entering
the United States of America. Since there are no differences in heaven between those
who died by road accidents and those who died in the Titanic, And so there are no
differences in America between their fruits, those with U.S. visas, those in stowaway
ships, those jumping over the fence or even bush roads. like heaven or one like America." For some call America "The Land of Dreams." But in their restless sleep with only one
hour to sleep and go back to work, their nightmare dreams are "evictions, Insurance
Bills, Car notes, Tax bills, a dream no longer at ease - "The Bills." Yet some call America "The Land of Opportunities." Indeed what wonderful
opportunities in the K.F.C. restaurants, Roy Rogers, Wendy's, McDonald's, the Great
Merrymaids Cleaning Companies. And what a smile the CVS drug store has for selling
Bengay Balsam, oops sleeping on a backache the next morning, a smile and everything is
fine. As a poet I am reminding their historically sleeping fruits that this land, this beloved
country, this portion of God's created earth, "America the Melting Pot Land." America the melting pot land is the only land on Earth folks flung and scattered from all
over the world with different backgrounds, colors, races, and languages and melted, and
blended, themselves never to be recognized. Although sometimes their zig zag tongues make their fruits ask them - Where are you
from? - In this melting pot land "America," only God could save their proud fruits with
whom they melted and blended. Thus violence has no color or race in this melting pot
land. I counted my blessing as ninth grade school drop out to be melting and blending myself
with intellectual poets in this melting pot land, "The United States of America."

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