HP ( / Baker, Montana)

America You'Re Slipping Away

America, you're slipping away.
I know you are trying to come back.
No nation can ever take America's place.
Freedom of choice they all lack.

It's strange we didn't notice.
When we lived in good old U.S.A.
We took our freedom for granted.
Never believing from it we'd stray.

Satan is working overtime now.
he has gathered quite a crowd around.
Too late we will realize the cost.
How sacred is what our grandfather's found.

Freedom of choice is not the answer,
That leads to more problems we've found.
The pilgrim's knelt an gave God thanks
For what they found all around!

They build a new nation to overcome
All the laws they had left behind.
They ask God to be their guide.
Please God help us again your way to find!

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