In Search Of Peace

There is population but in tranquillity,
Over humanity again falls on humility.
Stability of mind all do search far again,
Nobody likes sorrows, sin, sad and pain.

Rain comes from cloud to make calm,
Earth in dry again drinks nectar charm.
Humanity searches you peace in heart,
You are eternal and lovely and also smart.

In search of you peace all come forward,
They travel here and there and onward.
Where you are nobody gets below heart,
Peace oh dear peace come you again start.

In search of you for God we all meditate,
Trusting on father ever we do not hesitate.
He is ocean of peace his creation he nurtures,
We all are his children we are truth searchers.

Inside heart you dwell as fragrance of flower,
Oh peace where are you? Come to life's tower.
In search of you we travel in mind so far so far,
Peace you are come near us, oh peace shiny star.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

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Once again, his brilliance shocks like water falling on a hot stove.