VO (May 18,1980 / Clifton New Jersey)

American Classic

Standing underneath the stars
Feeling sad and lost
I know you're somewhere out there
Maybe in another part of this country
You're standing under the stars
It's amazing how bright they glow
I'm looking for that one star
A certain sign
Letting me know where you are
I wish we could be together right now
But you're so DAMM far
But I think I know how
Ok, if we're doing the same thing at the same time
across this country, we're seeing the same sky
Close your eyes and think of us
Wish on a star to be next to me
A star in the sky disappeared
It came true, you're here
I can't believe this occured
But she's the lucky one
Because all this love is just for her.

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Wow, you're such a romantic guy!
AAAWWW Vick! ....I'm gonna cry: }......*Yikes*, love ya OZ