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American Lies
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American Lies

The satellites know my lies
Pick up on the changes
Hone in on my frequency
And listen to my thoughts

I write to warn you
From a cold deadly future
You are in a sequence of events
Sitting in the middle; gladly making
The final solution
You trade freedom for security
Gladly; willing to submit so soon
Given in to so many demands
All leading to the end of the individual

We, the offspring that you’ve bore
Into a world of choice less obedience
We call out to you to make a judgment
To resist the radical mind
And form the middle ground

You must dethrone your king
As well as the two royal families
They are the architects of your destruction
You breed us like poultry or fish
Waves of careless intercourse has spawned
Unloved children and unwanted lives
Cast into the corner as rejects
Only because we lacked what you were given
We received only fear
And encouraged outward aggression
You taught us to hate with quiet bigotry
Soft undertones of primitive reasoning
Why were you so afraid to feel the blood
Flowing through your bother’s arm?
Didn’t’ you see the life inside the oppressed?
Their own understanding of a multicultural trauma
Yet you, the masters, only saw profit
Always looking for cheaper labor
Why not send your fragile son to build the wonder
If it is that wonder which you seek to take credit for

Leaders are merely those who have a vision
And followers require an accepted foresight
A familiar representation of a creator
No matter the objectivity
No matter the proof
Faith shall shut your eyes
And sabotage the world’s spirituality
The part of the soul
That only wishes to open
And understand
Look beyond the placeholders

Every moment of our days
In the cold future you’re creating
We wait…
We wait to eat
We wait to enter
Just to turn and wait to leave

Statistics lost count
Too many to estimate
Too many to feed
Too many to shelter
Too many

All because your selfish
Indulgence into ignorance and
Sexual gratification
You’ve mapped out the end
Of your own legacy

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