A Camel With Two Humps.

He rebuffed the commencement
Address as a chief less mischief makers
Expunge the first letter of the word
And replace it with a tee
To think so,
He must be a bactrian camel

by Tony Adah

Comments (11)

I think he liked Longfellow. So do I. Looks like this is all I can write- screen keeps flipping.
Like fruit that's large and ripe and mellow, Sweet and luscious is Longfellow, Melodious songs he oft did pour! A touching tribute to H W Longfellow in rhyming splendour by James Mclntyre.
What a glowing tribute to a classical great - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
A glowing tribute to a great poet by another great poet.
a good tribute poem to a fellow poet who cared? nicely penned!
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